Wander – Footer setup & widget areas

Wander footer area includes three footer widget areas, a footer decorative area, footer menu, and copyright.

Footer Widget Area

You can setup footer widget area by going to Appearance > Widgets. And add default WordPress, WooCommerce, Wander specific widgets, and MailChimp widget into footer widget areas.

To enable footer widgets at front end, Go to Appearance > Customize > Wander Theme Settings > Footer Area Settings and enable “Do you want to display footer widget area?” checkbox.

Setting up Instagram Plugin at Footer Widget Area and Sidebar

You can display a feed of your Instagram profile or your preferred Instagram hashtag in the footer area. To configure;

  • Activate Instagram feed plugin and follow the plugin’s instructions to add your Instagram account.
  • From your WordPress admin dashboard go to Instagram Gallery > Feeds > Add new gallery.
  • Select Carousel or Gallery option from layout section.
  • Set the “Limit” and “Columns” settings to your preferred numbers. For demo website, we set both of these to 6.
  • Set “Image Spacing” to your desired pixel size. In the demo we used 25px at footer.
  • Scroll to the bottom to write your own custom text for the button and click on update button.
  • Drag & drop the Instagram Feed widget to the widget areas at WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets
Footer Decorative Area

This is a special decorative area where you can show your tagline or logo mark in an image format. If left blank, this area will be disabled. To configure;

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Wander Theme Settings > Footer Area Settings
  • Scroll down to “Footer Decorative Area” section. Choose an image for this area by clicking to select image button.
  • Type the image size in pixels in “Image Width” section. We recommend that you upload your image twice the size then write the half of that size into the width section in order to have a crisp look.
  • Click on publish button.
Footer Menu

You can show your legal links in this section. To configure please follow the steps in Navigation Setup. You’ll also learn how you can display payment icons in this area.


This where you can change the footer copyright text. This will also appear at the bottom of the burger menu. If left blank nothing will show. To configure;

Go to Appearance > Customize > Wander Theme Settings > Copyright. Write your copyright text in this area. Click on publish button.