Shimmer – Post slider & featured categories area setup

This area is displayed right above the blog articles on the home page. To configure;

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Shimmer Theme Settings > Recent Post Slider & Category Showcase area
  • Post slider displays recent posts by default. If you want to display a certain post category in the slider, type in the category ID number in the “Category ID for Post Slider” section. You can get your category ID from your WordPress admin dashboard > Posts > Categories.
  • For category showcase area, write a category title in “Category Showcase #1 Title” section.
  • Write a button text for this category in “Category Showcase #1 Button” section and give it a link in “Category Showcase #1 URL” section.
  • Type a short description for the category in “Category Showcase #1 Description” section.
  • Repeat the same steps for the Category #2 as well.
  • Make sure “Display recent post slider section?” and “Display category showcase section?” checkboxes are checked.
  • Publish the customizer.