Shimmer – Add gallery to a page

Shimmer theme uses Angie Makes Shortcodes plugin to add gallery feature. To add a grid, masonry, slider or carousel gallery to a page/post follow these steps;

  • Open your page/post. Click on “Add Media” button.
  • Choose “Create Gallery” option and click on the images you want to add to your gallery.
  • Configure the gallery settings as follows. You can choose to have both heading and text in your captions using html markup or you can configure “Caption Type” to be only heading or only text.
  • You can choose between grid, masonry, slider or carousel gallery styles.
  • Insert the gallery to your page/post.

Tip: When you create grid, carousel or slider style galleries you should upload all of your images the same size for a unified look.

Tip: You should always link your images to “Media File” if you want to display your images as popup when clicked on.