Shimmer – Home page setup & importing reusable blocks

Home page setup

With Shimmer theme you can have your blog as your home page or setup a regular page as the home page.

If you want to show your blog as the home page together with custom areas, you don’t need to configure any setting.

If you want a static page for your home page;
  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Homepage Settings
  • Select “A Static Page” from your homepage displays section.
  • Under Homepage section, click on +Add New Page link. Write Home to new page title area and click on Add button.
  • Under Posts page section, click on +Add New Page link. Write Blog to new page title area and click on Add button.
  • Publish the customizer.
Configuring the homepage

Now a static page is set as homepage but there is nothing in it. You can edit this page as any other page with WordPress blocks.

Reusable blocks

Shimmer theme makes use of reusable blocks to create custom page templates you can easily import and setup. To import the reusable blocks;

  • Unzip the Shimmer zip file you downloaded. Open the folder and look for a sub-folder named “reusable-blocks”. Copy this folder to somewhere you can find.
  • Go to Pages > Any page or create a new one. From top-right click on “Show more tools & options” icon (three dots). And click on “Manage all reusable blocks”.
  • Click on “Import from JSON” button. Select one of the reusable blocks and click on “Add new” button. Do these for each reusable block file.
  • Once you imported the templates, create a new page to use one of reusable blocks.
  • Click on plus sign to add new block to the page. Scroll down to see reusable blocks. Choose one of the custom reusable blocks.
  • Hover on the block to see three dots icon. Click on it and click on “Convert to regular block”.
  • Now you can start adding text and image to designated places.